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Also this year, Inook is expanding its range of multi-level rackets.

The range of children with a new hook for a better grip and stability of the foot

Beginners need first and foremost a special product, light and easy to wear and suitable for sizes that can change very often

We must also guarantee them maximum safety and, lastly, we must not forget the playful importance, snowshoeing is a game for them before becoming a sport

The range for adults is also constantly evolving while maintaining the benchmark that makes these snowshoes successful

The evolution of colors and technical innovations will give the 2019/2020 range its own personality

Finally, you will notice that the distribution area of Inook snowshoes continues to expand, proving that our technical and commercial strategy is constantly appreciated

Energy, Passion and Innovation

Every year we go for another step. Real values get approval, and new developments are explored. Every year we talk with our sales partners, and as a producer we develop new ideas to satisfy their demands. That’s how Inook proceeds, with the motivation to always innovate and to keep our ears open to the main players and the active community.

Made in the French Alps

The main shareolder of the INOOK Brand is also its manufacturer. Centralising in France conception, production, commercial and financial offices strenghtens INOOKs position in Europe. This proximity is the best guarantee in terms of supply, dialog and aftersales service.


“A little bit more”

Certains things are not so much to be explained, as to be felt. Never the less it is a fact that the INOOK hiker shows strong motivation concerning the design and the technology. The pratical aspect of the products is often mentioned. Last but not least, both its passion for the nature and its passion for the details reflect a little different and much appreciated image.

Raquettes Inook 2019
Raquettes Inook 2019
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All models (except the rental models and kids’ range) are delivered in a snowshoes bag, where information about weight and shoes sizes are indicated.


For further improvements, Inook may change parts of the descriptions or photos in the catalog.

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In order to improve its products, Inook reserves the right to change the descriptions and photos of this catalog.

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Distribution network

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