For a good start…

Both new models for children have been conceived on the same principles ; their difference is the recommend size and weight of the users (see stickers on the snowshoes).

Both require simple handling, perfect for beginners. Feet are easily tightenend with the 45° angle straps. These models are very light and will motivate the newcomers. And their esthetic inspires fun and safety.

To get into the snowshoe, introduce the shoe as far as possible in the binding, then tighten the straps downwards.

Then, position the strap at the back of the heel, insert the strap into the metal buckle and pull it out until you reach the ideal tightening.

When removing the snowshoe , press the metal buckle to remove the strap.


For smaller sizes
For larger sizes
For bigger shoesizes, you can move back the strap into the slot placed further back.



SNS 13.9.88 - Green flash
SNS 13.9.49 - Orange



  Front tightening 45°
cale de montee

A precise and c o m f o r t a b l e tensioning of the shoe, through two fastener straps in 45° angle.

This detail is crucial as it enables the perfect hold of the shoe without any point of pressure, as they can be very unpleasant at the end of the day. A real attention is paid to the shape of the foot as it can roll out naturally.

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